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SAIXIN magnet box is the new magnetic fixture designed for fixing precast concrete formwork, compared to the traditional way of bolted fixing, magnet box can be disassembled quickly with flexible operation, strong holding force, and consequently improve the work efficiency, reduce man power, low down the wastage of the steel platform, now the magnet box is used worldly in PC industry.

1. While using magnet box, it is necessary to avoid sundries at the bottom as the gap will affects the holding force of magnet box and steel platform.

SAIXIN magnet box is made of high-performance Neodymium material, it have strong holding force.

When the magnet box work, the suction side at the bottom of the magnet box is tightly attached to the steel platform. But when there are sundries (such as concrete, grease, film) at the bottom, the magnet box is not closely attached to the platform, and the holding force will be significantly reduced.

As a prove, we test our SX-1000 magnet box to study the relationship of holding force and the gap between magnet box bottom and the platform . We put 0 ~ 10 pieces A4 paper (thickness 0.09 mm) between the bottom of the magnet box and the platform and then test the holding force with different gap. The test data is as below:


As the picture show, the gap between the bottom of the magnet box and the platform will significantly influence the holding force, so we recommend customer maintain the magnet box according to the following methods:


2.Cleaning method

Before use it, we should confirm the magnet box bottom and platform is clean and flat. If the bottom have sundries, we can use stainless steel scraper to clean (iron scraper will be attached to magnet, it can’t clean up), if it is not easy to clean up material such as hard concrete, we can use polisher to clean. Like the below picture shows: firstly Install polishing brush on the polisher, and then polish the magnet box bottom to make it clean and flat.



 3.Handle with care, prevent the magnet damage

Since the magnet is made of rare earth materials, the material character is similar to ceramics, stiffness and brittle , easily broken.

So that when we use the magnet box, we should prevent it falling, throwing and avoid using stiff tools (such as iron hammer) to knock, crash, otherwise the magnet box will be of deformation, as the below picture show.


When we remove the magnet box, please don’t use the metal hammer to knock directly, we should use the lever to pick up the switch firstly, and the holding force of the magnet box and the platform is reduced dramatically, then the magnet box can be moved easily by hand like the below picture:


When we press the magnet box, also can’t use metal hammer to knock directly, suggest use the foot press down, rely on human body gravity press down, but can’t stomp, prevent slip and hurt.


If you must use a tool, please use a rubber hammer to gently tap.



 4.Magnet box collection

After use, the magnet box should be cleaned up and placed on the stainless steel cart,to keep it clean and easy to use next time.The magnetic box can’t be placed on the iron cart, because the magnet box will be attracted to iron cart.

5. Magnet box storage

5.1.When the magnet box is not used for a long time, after cleaning, we should clean the bottom surface with anti-rust oil (such as mobil, Great Wall, etc.), in this way, we can prevent the magnet block from rusting since rusting will influence the magnet box holding force too.

5.2. Magnet box work and storage temperature should not be higher than 80 , the surrounding should have no strong acid, strong alkali and other corrosive media.


In conclusion, as long as we can do as per above protection, cleaning, and storage measures, we believe our SAIXIN magnet box must be durable and trustworthy!

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