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SAIXIN shuttering magnet box 900 KGS

SAIXIN shuttering magnet box 900 KGS

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Our range of Shuttering Magnets and Magnetic Systems for the Pre-cast Concrete Industry are compact and lightweight. Thanks to the use of modern Neodymium magnetic materials, our Shuttering magnets SAIXIN-900 offer an extraordinary magnetic power 900KGS above compared to the minimum weight of the products themselves 2.7KGS.

The magnetic systems can be used on any formwork surfaces of ferrous metal materials. And it can fix whatever metal or wooden formwork with designed mechanical joint parts.We can create and adapt various systems in any dimensions to fulfill the applications and requirements of our customers.

Based on our professional knowledge of magnet material and assembly magnet, we ensure enough adhesive force of our magnet block at more economic and competitive cost than other suppliers.


1. Reducing the complexity and time of the installation of formwork (up to 70%).

2. Universal use for mass production of concrete products, and piece products of all forms on the same steel table.

3. Eliminates the need for welding, shuttering magnets does not damage the steel table.

4. Makes it possible to produce radial products.

5. A small cost of a set of magnets. The average payback of about 3 months.

6. The main advantage of the shuttering magnets is that you do not need to have a lot of different forms for different products, you need to have a set of magnets, adapters for different height boards and steel table.

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