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What is Shuttering profile / Shutters / Form works

After lowering the shuttering profiles on the marking the integrated magnets are activated and locked. The shuttering profile is pressed precisely to the shuttering by the integrated magnets.

Shuttering profile / Shutters are manufactured / custom-made as per client’s drawings for Length, Height and Shape, with or without Chamfers, with vertical or inclined shuttering, with milled or not milled to produce walls of thickness ranging from min. 80 to max. 350 mm.

The profile can be flat, tongue and groove shaped in accordance with specific design, with steel or rubber-steel chamfers. The thickness of shuttering profile is decided on quantity & load and equipped with lifting hooks for overhead travelling crane. The litter the better & less fatigue for labor to handle it.

Robotic shuttering: – To increase the level of automation a Robot can be employed to not only place but also strip shuttering. The shuttering robot selects the required shutters from a store and places these precisely on the pallet surface. Special, non-standardized shuttering is placed manually on the pallet surface at additional workstations. The stripping robot identifies the shutters by scanning the pallet and then removes them automatically. Two pins act as gripping points for the shuttering robot and serve for stacking the magazine. 

Designed for supporting wooden forms with a Button Magnet. The Bracket is bolted to the Button Magnet and screwed to the wooden form component.

Post time: Aug-10-2015
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