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SX-900 shuttering magnet magnet box

SX-900 shuttering magnet magnet box

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This is our new design shuttering magnets,the holding force is 900kgs.


SAIXIN magnet box is the new magnetic fixture designed for fixing precast concrete formwork, compared to the traditional way of bolted fixing, magnet box can be disassembled quickly with flexible operation, strong holding force, and consequently improve the work efficiency, reduce man power, low down the wastage of the steel platform, now the magnet box is used worldly in PC industry.

SAIXIN have done a lot research and test on the magnet box, and we finally developed the new technics to protect the brittle and rusted easily neodymium magnets inside the box. We use the stainless steel ring to cover the single magnet piece and preven from rusting or damaging from outside during PC production.


And this 900kgs magnet box surface treatment is spray yellow paint,compared with blackening,it’s more beauty,and easy for clean.

compared with the stainless steel box,the spary yellow paint material cost is more cheap.

so you can choose the surface traetment as per your actual demand.

SAIXIN®magnet box main technical parameters

name SX-450B SX-600B SX-800B SX-900B SX-1000B
Vertical suction(kgf)>= 450 600 800 900 1000
N.W.(kg) 1.7 1.8 2.5 2.9 2.9
size (cm) 17*6*4 17*6*4 19*9.5*4 28*6*4 20*9.5*4
suitable template height  mm 30-60 40-70 50-80 60-100 70-120
name SX-1350 SX-1800 SX-2100 SX-2300 SX-2600
Vertical suction(kgf)>= 1350 1800 2100 2300 2600
N.W.(kg) 6.3 7.2 7.6 7.8 7.8
size (cm) 32*9*6 29*12*6 31*12*6 32*12*6 32*12*6
suitable template height  mm 80-200 100-250 150-300 180-320 200-350