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SAIXIN rubber insert magnets

SAIXIN rubber insert magnets

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This diameter 70mm magnet system is specially designed for fixing rebar connection socket and its holding force come to be 160KGS with our strong rare earth magnets.


The high performance rubber has enough elastic force to hold the socket when we turn off the screw and make it to expand the size.The magnet power is enough to fix the socket onto side form and fixed tightly when we produce precast concrete. We would not use screw system to fix the socket onto the profile and waste manpower to release the socket in this new magnetic fixing way.


These D70mm magnet with rubber are the best products for grout sleeve fixation,these set insert magnet can suit grout sleeve size from D20 to D50,also the magnet is easy remove from the platform.


We produce more than 5000pcs/month magnets,and ship it worldwide,at present,this products is popular in Malaysia and Thailand  PC factory,like CGPV INDUSTRIAL BUILDING SYSTEM SDN BHD(Malaysia),Dextra Manufacturing  Co., Ltd  etc.

Hope more and more PC factory can use our saixin series inset magnet.

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