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SAIXIN rubber magnetic chamfer 15x15mm

SAIXIN rubber magnetic chamfer 15x15mm

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The rubber magnetic chamfers are made of flexible magnet strip. It is lightweight and bendable,you can easily use them to form chamfer if the steel formwork has no chamfer designed. The magnetic force is no problem when you put them between the side form and table, and it can be positioned firmly while forming precast concrete. And the cost of rubber magnetic chamfer is lower than steel magnetic chamfer, the lead time is shorter, you can order it just before your production.


Compare with the steel chamfer,rubber magnetic chamfers becasue it have a little magnetic holding force,don’t need weld like steel chamder,so it works more quick and fast.

Compare with the magnetic steel chamfer,because rubber magnetic chamfer made of flexible,so the price is more cheaper and lead time is shorter,and the holding force is enough for produce.


It is convenient for us to make 8X8,10X10,15X15 and 20×20 triangular strip.also we provide custom service,we can produce as per your drawing.

We can produce more than 10000meters/month,and now in china,60% pc factory use our hexagon electronic box insert magnets,like ZHONGTIAN GROUP,LONGXIN GROUP,SANY,

BEIJING INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN,etc.hope more and more pc factory choose our SAIXIN magnetic products.

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