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SAIXIN Inserted socked fixing magnets D40 18.1

SAIXIN Inserted socked fixing magnets D40 18.1

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The smaller magnet with diameter 40mm and thickness 6mm is easy to fix the PVC pipe or corrugated pipe in PC columns,beams and walls.

Lifting socket which is inserted in precast concrete panels is strong and large inner diameter. Our bushing magnets with screw M8,M10 is good choice to fix different type socket,the threaded rod  wen can make D15-D30,and the holding force 30KGS is enough to fix the parts, make it positioning,no slipping.

It is important to position the socket when pouring concrete and vibrating,otherwise the lifting operation will be effected,and we can not ensure the quality of panel and operation safty.

compared to the traditional way of bolted fixing, insert magnets can be disassembled quickly with flexible operation, strong holding force, and consequently improve the work efficiency, reduce man power, low down the wastage of the steel platform,now in china,almost 80% PC factory start use the insert magnets.

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