Profesia fabrikanto de shuttering magnetoj por PC industrio

SAIXIN shuttering Magneto adaptilo

SAIXIN shuttering Magneto adaptilo

produkto Detalo

produkto Etikedoj


Uzata kun nia SAIXIN shuttering magnetoj kune, alta forto, bona rigideco, specialaj rando dento dezajno povas fermi engaĝiĝo kun la magneta chuck, forta kuplado, en sub la ago de ekstera forto ne produktas neniun breĉo, ligitajn, fari la finan konkretaj Wallboard kvalito por atingi la optimuma.


our SAINXIN serires adapters used for the quick fixation of window and door recesses, wood shutterings, fibre concrete upstands and other shuttering elements.


And this adapter can meet our SX-600,SX-800,SX-1000 magnet box.


For this series adapters,we can produce more than 20000pcs/moth,in china,50% pc factory choose our SAIXIN magnet box and adapters,with the rapid development of domestic construction industrialization, we expect to communicate with each customers deeply, develop and produce quality, adapting to the practical needs of domestic products,hope to contribute our own strength for industry chain of construction industrialization with our efforts.!