Professionel producent af forskalling magneter til PC-industrien

SAIXIN forskalling magneter adapter

SAIXIN forskalling magneter adapter

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Brugt med vores SAIXIN forskalling magneter sammen, høj styrke, god stivhed, specielle kant tand design kan lukke engagement med den magnetiske chuck, stærk kobling, i under påvirkning af ydre kraft ikke producerer nogen mellemrum, løs, foretage den endelige konkrete wallboard kvalitet at opnå det optimale.


This series dapters can use with SX-600,SX-800,SX-1000,SX-1350 magnet box,also we can provide custom service.


our SAINXIN serires adapters used for the quick fixation of window and door recesses, wood shutterings, fibre concrete upstands and other shuttering elements.


For this series adapters,we can produce more than 10000pcs/moth,in china,50% pc factory choose our SAIXIN magnet box and adapters,with the rapid development of domestic construction industrialization, we expect to communicate with each customers deeply, develop and produce quality, adapting to the practical needs of domestic products,hope to contribute our own strength for industry chain of construction industrialization with our efforts.!