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Embedded PVC rør faste magnet

Embedded PVC rør faste magnet

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At present, many insert magnets on the market have no enough holding force as standard requested, that is why embedded parts remove when work, also the magnetic surface has no any protection, the product wastage is very serious, so many people regard the insert magnet as a consumable part. This kind of underselling, not pay attention to improve the quality competition behavior, cause the market disorder.


SAIXIN ® series insert magnets products with the advanced magnet protection system, can effectively protect the magnet from corrosion from outside material, improve the abrasion resistance, then improve the service life of the magnet.

traditional insert magnet are made of metal parts+ magnets,our SAIXIN inset magnet are made of metal parts+ magnet+metal plate,here is the differents.


our D50 series insert magnets stock size is below,

Size Suction Norms
D50x8mm >60kgs M10
D50x8mm >60kgs M12
D50x8mm >60kgs M14
D50x8mm >60kgs M16
D50x8mm >60kgs M18
D54x10mm >60kgs M20
D54x10mm >60kgs M24