Profesionální výrobce bednění magnety pro počítačový průmysl

SAIXIN vložena socked upevňovací magnety M16 M12

SAIXIN vložena socked upevňovací magnety M16 M12

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Precast concrete magnet is a new magnetic assemby which is used to fix the framework in precast industry. The assembly consists of some strong neodymi.

Je důležité umístit zásuvku při betonáži a vibrační, jinak zdvihací operace bude provedena, a my nemůžeme zajistit kvalitu panelu a provoz safty.

our D50 series insert magnet  holidng force 60KGS is enough to fix the parts, make it positioning,no slipping.


our D50 series insert magnets stock size is below,

Size Suction Norms
D50x8mm >60kgs M10
D50x8mm >60kgs M12
D50x8mm >60kgs M14
D50x8mm >60kgs M16
D50x8mm >60kgs M18
D54x10mm >60kgs M20
D54x10mm >60kgs M24

We produce more than 10000pcs/month magnets,and ship it worldwide,at present,this products is popular in Malaysia and Thailand  PC factory,like CGPV INDUSTRIAL BUILDING SYSTEM SDN BHD(Malaysia),Dextra Manufacturing  Co., Ltd  etc.

Hope more and more PC factory can use our saixin series inset magnet.